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Bambi Gets Lost

Bambi Gets Lost - Disney Book Club

This book is about one of Disney's most beloved characters, Bambi. In this book, Bambi goes off to play with Thumper the rabbit out in the woods. Bambi's mother warns them not to get off the path or they will get lost. Of course, as all young people or animals do, they do not listen and end up getting lost. They ask a series of other animals how to get back to the path that will lead them home. Finally, they ask a wise old owl how to get back home, and he points them to a lake where the path home runs around. On their way to the lake, they encounter more animals that point them in the right direction. Bambi and Thumper safely make it back home before it gets to dark for them to see. I would use this in lower grades while learning about animals. This could be used to read to the class or them to read themselves. 

 I would put this book for use between K-2nd grade.