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Night of the Living Dummy

Night of the Living Dummy  - R.L. Stine

Another book by the amazing author R. L. Stine. This books is about a dummy two girls find in a dumpster while walking home from school. One girl names the dummy Slappy. She starts becoming popular with her ventriloquism and starts getting paid to do parties. Her sister goes out to get a dummy of her own and names him Mr. Wood. Mr. Wood appeared to be alive by being found by the girls while doing things like choking Slappy and moving things around. He starts making rude comments to people to get the girls in trouble because people think it is the girls talking. Eventually, the dummy tells the girls that they are now his slaves. This frightens the girls and they throw him under a steam roller to finally get rid of him. Upon returning to their home, Slappy talks to the girls, making sure the other dummy is gone. I would use this around Halloween to read to the students near the end of the day or for the students to use during quiet reading time.


Lexile Measure: 590L